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What i do?


Infused with cinema aesthetics, my lens captures love with a blend of film and modern finesse. Every frame chronicles not just moments, but legacies, weaving tales of passion against the high aesthetics. An artistry where emotion meets elegance.
My only goal is to surprise you with the results.


Harnessing the power of Red cinema cameras, I uniquely craft wedding films with cinematic grandeur. Probably the sole wedding filmmaker venturing with such advanced gear, my style transcends traditional recordings, offering movie-like narratives where love stories become cinematic masterpieces.

Post Production

Unfortunately, newly married couples who booked an unprofessional photographer for their wedding day often approach me to review and re-edit their wedding photos. Every year, more than 15 couples inquire about this service.


Allow me to help you avoid significant problems on your wedding day. With over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, I have witnessed all possible scenarios unfold. Save time, money, and most importantly, conserve your energy for your big day.


I recall my early days as a young photographer, working in nightclubs as an event photographer, filled with joy and passion for photography every day. I would obsess over expensive camera equipment, dreaming of the day I could finally afford those cameras and lenses.

Now, looking at myself, owning camera equipment valued in the six figures is gratifying. Yet, what's most significant is acquiring clients from New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Aruba Caribbean, Italy, Mykonos, and many Greek islands. Time indeed flies—a sure thing—and sometimes it scares me, drives me to work harder, because I know how valuable it is to save time, avoid mistakes, and achieve your goals sooner.

That's precisely why I decided to start a mentoring program for a few ambitious artists out there. No one was there to help me. I had to figure it out on my own, how to transition from a nightclub event photographer earning 40 euros per night to being a globally recognized photographer commanding five-figure rates.

I've done it; I know the steps, the pitfalls, and the entire process.
Join me to become better than I ever was!