Who Am I?

Born on 19 February 1994 in Stavropolki Krai, Russia, my journey from young immigrant in Greece to an international recognised photographer has been nothing short of extraordinary. Moving to Greece as a child, I quickly immersed myself in the culture. It was the Greek television that became my companion, helping me master the language during my parents' long working hours.

Before the camera became an extension of my soul, I wore different hats. I was an agile handball player with Diomidis HC, and then proudly served with Special Forces od the Hellenic Army and the H'MAK. But at eighteen, a new passion started to frame my world - photography. Determined to refine this craft, I embarked on academic pursuits, joining the University of Peloponnese and earning the certification from the esteemed New York Institute of Photography.

2019 was watershed year for me. A photograph I captured in Elafonissos, Greece resonated deeply with its audience. It thrust me into a Greek limelight, with numerous appearances on Greek News and Greek Television.
By 2022, I had firmly established myself on the go-tophotographer for celebrity weddings in Greece. Capturing the intimate moments of stars such as Konnie Metaxa and Marios Kapotsis as well as Konstantina Spyropoulou and Vasilios Stathokostopoulos, Ioanna Siampani and Jim Stathokostopoulos remains some of the most memorable experiences of my career.