Marios & Konnie

Wedding Details

In my travels with a camera in hand, I've been graced with the opportunity to witness love blossom in countless settings. Yet, capturing the union of Marios Kapotsis and Konnie Metaxa in the heart of Crete was a chapter that added a special touch to my portfolio. Crete, with its rugged mountains and azure seas, painted a backdrop as passionate and vibrant as their love story.

Through my lens, Konnie's elegance mirrored the ageless beauty of Cretan tales, and Marios, with his confident stance, resonated with the island's legacy of strong, historic figures. Every frame I took was a step deeper into their narrative, each capturing the essence of love amidst Crete's breathtaking landscapes.

Wandering through ancient ruins, olive groves, and sunlit shores, I felt more than just a photographer; I felt like a storyteller, weaving a tale of romance, tradition, and the enchanting spirit of Crete.

Being entrusted with the honor of chronicling Marios and Konnie's momentous day was not just a professional delight; it was a soulful journey. Through my perspective, I aimed to encapsulate not only their union but also the timeless allure of love and Crete's enduring charm.

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