Yiannis & Athina

Wedding Details

Trading the towering skyscrapers of New York City for the historic beauty of Monemvasia, Yiannis and Athina embarked on a romantic odyssey that I had the honor of capturing. As they stepped onto the cobblestone pathways of this medieval fortress town, it felt as if two worlds were colliding: the energetic pulse of NYC with the timeless serenity of Greece.

Yiannis, carrying the undeniable charisma of a New Yorker, and Athina, with her Big Apple elegance, found their love story beautifully juxtaposed against Monemvasia's ancient walls and azure waters. Through my lens, I witnessed a narrative that blended the contemporary dynamism of Manhattan with the romantic legacy of Greek tradition.

Each photograph aimed to tell a story of contrasts and harmonies: the cosmopolitan flair of New York City meeting the enduring charm of Monemvasia. The city that never sleeps, merging with a town that time seems to have lovingly preserved.

Being given the privilege to chronicle Yiannis and Athina's union was a heartfelt journey, reminding me of the universal language of love. Whether amidst the hustle of NYC or the historic ambiance of Greece, love finds its way, creating stories that are destined to be remembered.

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