Thanasis & Vasiliki

Wedding Details

In the storied cityscape of Athens, Vasiliki and Thanasis pledged their forever, crafting a narrative that was as enchanting as the tales of old. But this wasn't just any love story; it was an epic curated by the renowned wedding planners, the 12events.

The brilliance of the 12events shone through every facet of the wedding. From the meticulously chosen decor that reflected the rich Grecian heritage, to the seamless flow of events, their touch turned Vasiliki and Thanasis' special day into a masterpiece of elegance and grandeur.

Against the timeless backdrop of Athens, Vasiliki, with her ethereal beauty, and Thanasis, with his regal bearing, became the embodiment of modern-day Greek romance. Their union, although deeply personal, seemed like it was straight out of a cinematic portrayal, blending art, passion, and culture in perfect harmony.

The minimalistic yet deeply resonant style of photography allowed the emotions of the day and the architectural beauty of Athens to coalesce, producing artwork that was as poignant as it was beautiful. Vasiliki and Thanasis' wedding, under the expert guidance of the 12events, was not merely an event; it was a symphonic blend of tradition, love, and unparalleled elegance.

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