3 Months

1-1 Consulting

Let's Change You & your Business

Let me ask you few questions

-How much you charge your weddings?
-How many wedding do you have?
-What kind of clients is you goal?
-What cameras are you using?

Wedding Photography One to One Mentoring

Elevate Your Wedding Photography: Exclusive One-to-One Consulting for Aspiring Photographers Have you ever looked through the lens and dreamt of capturing narratives that resonate with timeless elegance, much like the enchanting unions of couples such as Konstantina Spyropoulou & Vasilios Stathokostopoulos or Dimitra & George set amidst Greece's picturesque landscapes? If your heart beats to the rhythm of capturing moments and crafting visual legacies, welcome to my exclusive consulting service. Service Overview & What You Will Receive: Duration: 3 transformative months with me, delving into the very heart of wedding photography, the business and the art.

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