New York
How and why

It's been a few weeks since I returned to Greece and after adjusting to the rhythms of everyday life, I decided to write to everyone you would like to learn about my journey, a short, as short as a bitter article. Essentially for me the journey began in September 2015 when I decided to explore my knowledge of photography. By doing a great deal of research on where to go I found the New York Institute of Photography, which is one of the most up-to-date and up-to-date educational institutions for photography.

A few days later I enrolled as a new twelve-month follow-up student. The registration process lasted about two weeks and the truth is that it was quite complicated. The necessary supporting documents were a lot, but the capital controls made the situation a bit more difficult. The welcome email also started reading. A lot of homework! I saw different aspects of photography, aspects that I knew and applied with my experience, but I did not know the real reason for them, and I learned things that only prominent photographers can teach you. A year later, it was time to pass my exam, which had two strands. The first included the evaluation until then of my work, and the second contained the theoretical part, ie the English examination, through 150 multiple choice questions, most of which had written development. The theoretical examination was done through a program where the responsible examiner joined me on-line with webcam and through TeamViewer almost gained complete control over my computer to eliminate the likelihood of copying or third-party help in the final exam, my office was asked to be empty, my mirror behind me and much more. By achieving these exams I would go to receive a certification with worldwide recognition from many agencies, even state-owned.

The trip

The last few days, before traveling, seemed to me for centuries. New York was a dream that, as I realized the time was coming to come true, so incredible it seemed to me. First of all, the thought of long flight, as I fear the planes, the truth is that the hours passed quickly. Reaching the JFK, the check was relatively simpler than I expected, although the wait was great. At my hotel, I went with some luck through air-train and metro. I say with a little luck, because the metro is old enough and the orientation there was difficult in the early days, but with familiarity everything seemed to be playful. The first picture that I came out of the subway is unique and indescribable, I do not think I will forget that emotion. Picture of a completely different world. Skyscrapers next to each other, so densely built that I could see only a small piece of sky.

The hotel

The Ameritania Hotel in Times Square was the hotelhouse, very central, at Broadway and 54th Street, just 2 minutes from famous Times Square. There it was my anxiety to go well with the hotel. When I arrived at the reception, I talked to Helena, who came from Moscow, and everything was done more easily, since my Russian is much better than English. Fortunately everything was properly adjusted and there was no issue with the payment due to capital control. A really enjoyable stay in the 9th floor room.

The Certification

I was looking forward. I woke up, I got a coffee in my hand and went to find the office of the School, which lasted about 25 minutes walking. Getting out of the building I felt strangely. For a year, almost daily, I was looking at the google maps, the buildings, the surrounding area. And where I was there, really and not through a screen. The first man to be good at the ground floor was the concierge. On the 4th floor I met the student responsible for foreign students, John, who heard that I came from Greece told me that 22 years ago he married his husband in Crete. Little is the world! The room was full of offices and many students, each of whom was in their own student advisor for the entire duration of their studies, helping with matters of matter and technical questions. I was expecting to meet Chris. For a year we were talking almost daily, and now it's time to get to know each other and give me the Certification, which is a year of my life, a reading and a desire to diversify my knowledge, enrich it and express it through of photography.

Full Programm & Heli Tour

All the following days were full, not only because I wanted to see as much as possible in this city, but also because there would be two photographs. The first for Meyeia creations and the second for the silk scarves of Marianna. Museums, Central Park (all park & ​​hellip, 3 days worth of every moment), Little Italy, Soho, ChinaTown, Empire State Building, Top of The Rock, Twin Towers Memorial, Brooklyn Bridge and many more. Many kilometres! What I need and want to share is the Helicopter Tour. It was something I wanted too much .. I wanted to take my own pictures of color, and the way? The helicopter .. The best way is the helicopter without doors & hellip? The company based in New Jersey called Flynyon, terrific service, organization and facilities. The route to the heliport was stressful as I chose not to go with Uber, which would be easier, but with the train. So I got the train from Penn Station heading for Newark Penn Station. After the station the only way to get there was the taxi. Reaching the entrance welcomed a staff member. As soon as my four passengers arrived, we were given the necessary information from the staff, we wore the safety belts for us and the photographic equipment we had each, we were transported by a special car on the helicopter. A commemorative photo and ready for flight.

Right Pan

The flight started, a terrible feeling that could not record the video with dslr and go-pro. We arrived at the Statue of Liberty, we took the first photos, from there we climbed sharply to the World Trade Center, where the pilot was & #; be ready guys, right pan .. & gt; & gt; . I did not know how to think about what it meant until the helicopter turned to my side at a nearly 45 degree angle, so I literally hung in the gap with the belts to hold me from the helicopter. Below me? The New Trade Center antenna, so close to me, that I am already typing, shuddering, I really thought that if the belts were a little looser, I would touch my shoes with the top of the antenna. I did not know what to do, my finger was stuck in the shutter, my mind just froze. The flight I chose was at sunset and it would take 30 minutes, but I was lucky. I flew around 40 minutes. After landing I was completely satisfied, I came to New York, certified me as International Professional Photographer (+ Wedding And Portait), I went to the NBA race at the world's most famous stadium, I flew over the city by helicopter... Done!

Of course, I can not fail to mention the man who is responsible for the best Burger I've eaten, the endless walks in Central Park, and much more.

I'm clearly talking about my model, which gave the beautiful images of Meyeia's clothes and Marianna's scarves.

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