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The process of making a fashion photograph for someone who knows and loves photography as an art but has not been introduced to fashion can be a factor of mistrust as to whether a fashion photograph for either an editorial or a selling products in an e-shop, or a lookbook, is in harmony with the art of photography, and is an integral part of it. Are these two activities ultimately equal and interdependent in the field of art? Does the intense communicative and economic power of fashion in today's society drive the degradation and devaluation of her photo?

In order to recognize the value of a fashion photograph, as part of the art of photography, it is necessary to get in touch with the process of preparing and conducting it. Initially, a fashion photography can be realized either by the photographer's own initiative or by contacting and discussing with a customer. In the case of the customer, it is necessary from the beginning to inform the photographer about the purpose of the photograph, as the process followed, as well as the style, are differentiated, depending on whether the fashion photography is addressed to an editorial or e -shop (where a more relaxed style and set-up is required.) More specifically, a fashion photograph can be found in the following categories: Catalog Photography, online photography photography, eshops photography, Fashion Blog Photography, and promotional photography.

Then, the idea search process is carried out, in which the photographer, in his own words and by directorial qualities, presents his suggestions to the client. The correct display of the products, both in color and in texture and quality, are essential elements in order to obtain a clean, proionic photograph. Still, an important role in fashion photography is played by the styling, photographing & post production to make the product look, and the pictures always look professional. Both the right lighting and the unprecedented processing of the photos after the end of the photo shoot make a good result.

After searching for ideas, we follow the model finding process, which will show the clothing more appropriately. For this purpose, a casting model is organized. Also, the repertoire process is carried out to select the appropriate space every time when it comes to offline photography. The gathering of the rest of the group, which is often made up of a stylist, a make-up artist, and a hairstylist, contributes to an even more professional outcome. Fashion photography can be both daytime and night-time while under real circumstances, in the studio or in other indoor or outdoor settings (natural environment, hotel, etc.)

In order to achieve the best time organization and to make sure that we did not overlook a product, it is advisable to create a plan setting out the times and order in which the product will be taken. Next, we set the date for taking the shot.

On the day of photography, the preparations begin with the concept, makeup and hairstyle of the model, as the photographer controls the lighting and sets the equipment he will use. The right lighting, the process of photometry, the focus, and the application of the most appropriate technique so that the shadow of the model is obvious but correct, are fundamental factors when taking promotional images (eg models, clothes, underwear ). It is very likely during the shooting that you need a fan that will provide the necessary movement and naturalness. Lightboxes, lightboxes, flashboxes, softbox, & laquo cannons, spotlights, and backgrounds, as well as a tethering so the customer can see the shots directly on a big screen and decide together with the photographer what pictures to keep and who do not, set up the necessary equipment during a fashion photography.

After the end of the photo shoot, we recheck the material we collected, followed by the postproduction and photo processing process, using the appropriate program, to refine the photos for the ad inventory. The delivery time of the final photos ranges from 7 to 20 working days, while the process of taking pictures lasts 3-8 hours.

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