Nikon European Contest
The time of the contest as I experienced it. The story began an afternoon where my friend Nikos Bouterakos, also photographer, sent me the Nikon contest link to the classic fairy tale. She believed I could cope with the demands that existed due to my skills in creative photo editing.

Until then, I had been nominated for another competition at a well-known Athens College, earning a part-time scholarship in the photography department of the school. Something inside me, I was saying I could bring this challenge to fruition. So, I talked with my girlfriend and we immediately started thinking about what a fairy tale, what scene, equipment, location. Ideas and ideas that did not stop as we asked for opinions from friends and relatives. After a week of organization, having in the wardrobe a dress of Naias that looked like Cinderella, we decided to perform the photo titled "Cinderella with Stan Smith".

The photo was taken, worked for hours with really many interventions and variations until we ended up unanimously in the final photo that was posted and got 193 votes, which were enough to enter the 10 finalists.

November 11: The day when Italian photographer Dan Bannino will choose the winner of the contest. The first thing I did when I woke up was to visit the contest application in the hope of seeing the winner, but I did see something that made me even more anxious. The finalists for Nikon's reasons have doubled. Then the competition was great too, as there were pictures that personally charmed me.

The moment: It had arrived in the afternoon, and no winner was yet announced, and we were disappointed with Nassia to see a TV series. It had not gone well for half an hour and I ask Nasia: Let me see? Do not bother, do not announce it today.

I did not hear it and I went to see the next one that was heard from me was: Nassia, we won !!

Ugliness, hugs, joy ... whatever the victory is, is victory, and all the more so if it concerns the whole of Europe and not only.

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