Why me?
Soon the New Year arrives and many have decided to get married. But what does it take to become a handsome, not a dream wedding? You will say a lot.

One of the people who will keep this dream forever alive is the photographer who will make sure that one of the most important days of your life is left unattainable. That's what I will do.

We all know that photography is an art, but we often forget it, leading to the "right photojournalism" and to the well-known photographs. The guiding type: kiss, embrace, smile ... click, click, click, Perfect! This is not art. My purpose is not to give more stress to couples who have a thousand other reasons to be anxious about this great thing for those day-to forget that I exist but at the same time to be everywhere. I want to avoid set up photos, as those who know my job are a fan of really spontaneous photographs. Why am I against the set photos? Because most of us, we are not professional models to feel intimate with the photographer's lens, we are embarrassed to pose and we do not get our real expressions. In the effort to show comfort, the result is fake. So the only way to shoot someone and impress his real self is to not understand that he is photographed. Obviously at the ceremony the possibilities to develop your art are few and that's because we have for almost an hour, two "models" of almost immobile and stable lighting.

Where I can definitely make the pictures I have described above, it is in the preparation of the couple before the church and especially in the "previous" and / or "next day" photographs. This is the reason why with almost all the couples we are discussing, I suggest that we take a picture some days after the ceremony. So there I will use all my methods so that you do not feel that I am there, having fun, relaxing in order to really smile, express, embrace. I want these truly carefree and happy moments to be captured forever not only in your memory but also in the pictures that you see, to awaken feelings of happiness, love, joy, madness - not only to you but also to your loved ones. Every photo is also a small story of yours!

At a meeting I had with a couple planning her wedding for 2016 the key word was motorcross - why not put my favorite groom machine knotted with a thread - go up in the sky with many balloons? Guess who's going to hold the scissors...

I am convinced that I can offer you such short story stories thanks to my love for what I do, the knowledge in the processing of imagination and above all your own contribution to keeping your life so important moments for you forever alive.

Dream and come to capture it in photos.

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