Bridal Photoshoot for Antonopoulos
The Chronicles
What is the company so.WOM, with which I had the pleasure to work lately? It is the company specializing in brand development through a strategy that is largely based on its clients' social media accounts. Vikos, Suzuki Hellas and products for future brides by Antonopoulos are some of them. So these brands were the first mission I had to do for so.WOM.

The requirements were specific and different from what I had been used to today. Such photography may sound simple, but I guarantee you that it is not. Of course I had beside me the CEO of so.wom. N.Markopoulos, who helped us find the right rhythms. Day full of Nafplion to the sunset.

The equipment
The photography style requires the result to remind a photo without professional lighting for it and I left the lights in Studio and I used mainly my favorite Nikon camera, the d810 with the lens of the same company 24-70 with 2.8 aperture. But I also needed the properties of a telephoto lens and that was the body of the Nikon d5500 that I won in the pan-European competition with the 70-300 lens. There is a need for a flashlight flash with two filters, which in some shots would shake me off unnecessary shadows. All the above covered me totally for the 5 hours that photography took and with a total number of downloads showing over 1200+ photos and believe me, I do not needlessly click.

The team
For this photo shoot, our team consisted of two models, Nassia Planzopoulou. And Dimitra Karalis Polychronopoulou. As well as the professional (Georgiou Christodoulou), who stitched and made the hair of the models.

There were many hours devoted to organizing and processing the supernumerary photo file. Practically I did not need any special intervention, but I am a fan of processing and I know that sometimes the original photo can be greatly improved, giving a more impressive end result. Naturally, there are the standards that each photo must follow, and this is not done with a ready-made one-to-one photo. In the final stage, when the processing is finished, the file is re-examined for possible mistakes that have escaped and need to be corrected. Somewhere here we are at the end of the lengthy process, sending the material to the company and waiting for their criticism to be very stressful ... which was very positive, and that means that the nations of everybody found opposition.
As a result of all the above are many pictures, I will be happy to hear your reviews!

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