How and why

It's been a few weeks since I returned to Greece and after adjusting to the rhythms of everyday life, I decided to write to everyone you would like to learn about my journey, a short, as short as a bitter article. Essentially for me the journey began in September 2015 when I decided to explore my knowledge of photography. By doing a great deal of research on where to go I found the New York Institute of Photography, which is one of the most up-to-date and up-to-date educational institutions for photography.
Marriage. The day when the dream of your life becomes reality. The day you want to share a common life and course with someone else. And surely you are one of those who would like to capture every moment step by step from the church to the feast.
Soon the New Year arrives and many have decided to get married. But what does it take to become a handsome, not a dream wedding? You will say a lot.

One of the people who will keep this dream forever alive is the photographer who will make sure that one of the most important days of your life is left unattainable. That's what I will do.
The process of making a fashion photograph for someone who knows and loves photography as an art but has not been introduced to fashion can be a factor of mistrust as to whether a fashion photograph for either an editorial or a selling products in an e-shop, or a lookbook, is in harmony with the art of photography, and is an integral part of it. Are these two activities ultimately equal and interdependent in the field of art? Does the intense communicative and economic power of fashion in today's society drive the degradation and devaluation of her photo?
The time of the contest as I experienced it. The story began an afternoon where my friend Nikos Bouterakos, also photographer, sent me the Nikon contest link to the classic fairy tale. She believed I could cope with the demands that existed due to my skills in creative photo editing.
The Chronicles
What is the company so.WOM, with which I had the pleasure to work lately? It is the company specializing in brand development through a strategy that is largely based on its clients' social media accounts. Vikos, Suzuki Hellas and products for future brides by Antonopoulos are some of them. So these brands were the first mission I had to do for so.WOM.

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