About Me
I was born in Russia, Stavropolski Krai in 1994 and from age of 5 I live in Nafplion.
After high school I decide to fulfill my obligation with Hellas Army and fulfilling my mandate in Special Forces (Amphibians Forces).
The next year after that was the time to study at Technical University Of Peloponnese as IT engineer.
But, at the first year in the University I find that holding a Dslr in my hand for a first time was a emotional moment.
Then, I decided to buy my first Dslr camera.

Today I work as a professional Wedding/Portrait/Fashion photographer with my own business.

Kirill Samarits

Education About Photography
• Seminars at technical University Of Moscow (2 Years)
• Seminars program by Lindsay Adler (New York Professional Fashion Photographer)
• Workshops (Athens)
• Seminar program (Until today) by Russian Professional Photographer Katia Miller (www.PhotoCollege.org)

Today i study at New York Institute of Photography.

• 1st Place at European Competition 2015 by Company Nikon
• 1st Place at photo Competition 2014 by Greek Private College (IEK KSINI)

Published work in
• Justin Alexander Fashion Designer (New York) 2015 (Social accounts)
• Wedding_Art website (Russian) 2015
• Nikon.eu
• Advertising

Inspired from beauty of every moment…love to capture, so it can live forever.
I deny the contemporary cliché: “We are all photographers”. Remember, though, the words of the memorable Αnsel Adams: « You don’t “take” a photograph. You make it».
I get prepared like a professional athlete, I work out every day, I develop my passion, I am equipped like a soldier with the best ammunition and the motive that leads me, are the voices in my head whispering me, to make the best photograph.

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